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EuroSuite Utilities is the ideal application for any user looking to combine dozens of essential tools for their daily personal and professional life into one program.

The program includes more than 30 micro-utilities joined into a free application. Take a look at what you'll get:

- Calculation: statistics, solar energy, calculator, percentages, interests, loans, expense control, and travel expenses.

- Verification: Social Security, NIF, CIF, NIE, tires, credit cards

- Health: calories/cholesterol, BMI and WHR calculation, calorie counting

- Office: address book, meeting alerts, toolbar, calendars, post-it notes

- Conversions and cash: equivalence tables, virtual cashbox, change box, clipboard-based conversion checker, foreign currency exchange rates

Without a doubt, it's an excellent suite that you'll use frequently.

This new version can be installed on a pendrive so you can run the program from any computer, without having to install it on each separate machine.
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